Yaneisy Fernández:
High-level prostitute. White, slim, 5’7’’ tall, green eyes.
Can be reached at: 829 258 4606.

• Rosemary Rivas (La China):
One of the most expensive prostitutes. Brunette, bulging eyes, 6 feet tall. Participated in most of the parties.
• Claudia:
High-level prostitute. Brunette, slim, around 22 years old. Worked for a long time in one of the main Dollhouses in DR at 557 George Washington Ave. in Santo Domingo.

• Mariela de la Caridad:
Other of Salomon Melgen’s favorites. She repeatedly attended the parties in Casa de Campo and the yacht. She drives all over Santo Domingo in a white Honda car.

• Jennifer Hernandez:
Brunette, with a small unicorn tattooed in her back. Only attended two activities. Worked for several years at a Dollhouse in Santiago de los Caballeros.

• Svetlana B. (Sveta)
Russian high-level prostitute with residence in Miami. Blonde, around 22 years old, travels frequently to New York. She has traveled to Dominican Republic in Salomon’s private jet.

• Camila:
Her true name is Maria. Young Brazilian who practices prostitution in the Dominican Republic. She has traveled in Salomon Melgen’s private jet.

Geraldine García:
Colombian 18 years old prostitute. At early 2012 she lived along with Camila at 111 Residencias Gabriela, apt. 202, Gazcue, Sto. Domingo. Phone: 829 941 1498.

Due to privacy reasons the names of the two girls who were between 16 and 17 at the time of the events are omitted.

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  1. liam says:

    So the senator enjoys sex for pay?
    Here in the US we pay him to (XXXX) have sex with us.
    What an irony!

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