Feds Investigation on Senator Menendez

DIAGRAMA Senator Robert Menendez

The FBI keeps Senator Robert Menendez under an investigation process since August 1st, 2012 when an inquiry was opened based on continuous violations associated with prostitution and other issues. This process is conducted by Special Agent Regino E. Chavez, appointed by Miami’s FBI Field Office. (Email regino.chavez@ic.fbi.gov, Cell 954-551-9274, Office: 305-787- 6654)


The FBI inquiry allowed checking the connections between Robert Menendez and young prostitutes from the Dominican Republic and other nationalities, some of which were minors at the time they had sexual relations with the senator.



A thorough analysis on Senator Menendez’s record of travels to the Dominican Republic and the dates of his continuous visits has allowed proving the existence of several non-reported or not-duly authorized trips made by the Senator on several years using a CL-600 Challenger private jet, property of the ophthalmologist Salomon Melgen, Hispanic main contributor to Menendez and the Democratic Party.


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10 Responses to Feds Investigation on Senator Menendez

  1. Esteban says:

    Hmm. An honorable (not). Typical politician. Hubris as usual. Good thing ths didn’t hit before his reelection. We the people are saying, get rid of all thee lying pigs. Instead they control their direct acts of stealing. 179 k a year, two houses, at least, to maintain, and yet after a few short years they’re all millionaires. Duh! We want them to all go to jail for their malfeasance. But no! The voter fraud that takes place in the democratic controlled voting districts is a direct violation of the constitution, and yet the organized crime of the two political parties is ignored to the chagrin of all of us and the founders who implemented a perfect balance to insure what is happening wouldn’t happen. Their one mistake was believing that people were basically honest. And that the judicial system would foil their lies and deceit. Our judicial system is a joke. Supreme Court justices sworn to uphold the constitution but deluding themselves that what the words mean are subject to interpretation.

    • Corruption Fighter says:

      Reminds me of Eliot Spitzer. We contacted both of these politicians to alert them of organized crime’s control of certain DOJ lawyers. Little did we know at the time that both of these lawyers were themselves criminals. In Eliot Spitzer’s case, he was money laundering to prostitution ring illegal corporations while also the NY attorney general. Not merely a politician going to a hooker, he was the chief prosecutor doing business with organized crime, using his power to prosecute only the competitors of his associates, while protecting his associates. Menendez has always been a small time punk, let’s hope that his wife and children are given microphones on camera to answer the public’s questions. It happens to sports stars and actors’ families, let’s not protect Menendez. How much other NJ organized crime did Menedez have a role in protecting?

  2. rebecca geary says:


  3. Robert says:

    regino.chavez@ic.fbi.gov. Isn’t the “ic” an Intelligence Community email address that would require access to a classified computer system?

    • That occurred to me as well. There’s a believability issue here on several levels. Making this correspondence public, including the agent’s assertions, his email address, his telephone number, indicates either entirely fictitious exchanges or just incredibly inconsiderate — and possibly illegal — reporting. Given that 2 days ago, the FBI declined to comment publicly on this accusation against Menendez, doesn’t it strike anyone else as strange that the FBI has not excoriated this website for publishing what the site claims are confidential email exchanges? To quote the Daily (UK) Mail on the topic: “While the FBI shows interest in the investigation throughout the emails, the agent appears only to be checking out a possible lead from an increasingly uncooperative source.” I’m betting this entire claim is fabricated and slanderous.

    • mako06 says:

      No…if it was a classified email address – thus requiring a classified connection – it would end in “.sgov” not “.gov” like it does. The “s” stands for SIPRNet – secure internet protocol router network.

  4. Charles Rothrock says:

    If it is proven Menendez did what they say he did ,he needs to be prosicuted.No excuses.The man is not above the Law.

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  6. bwe-wildred says:

    That’s disgusting… he will rot in hell (unless he repents and stops.) But he should be thrown out of office and publically humiliated. Just a small taste of what those children experience.

  7. Braulio Santana says:

    soy dominicano y me entere de este tema por la Z 101.3. la emisora mas escuchada en la isla. Ojala que ese cabron vaya a la carcel. y que veni de tan lejos para hacer cosas con menores.

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