Feds Investigation on Senator Menendez

DIAGRAMA Senator Robert Menendez

The FBI keeps Senator Robert Menendez under an investigation process since August 1st, 2012 when an inquiry was opened based on continuous violations associated with prostitution and other issues. This process is conducted by Special Agent Regino E. Chavez, appointed by Miami’s FBI Field Office. (Email regino.chavez@ic.fbi.gov, Cell 954-551-9274, Office: 305-787- 6654)


The FBI inquiry allowed checking the connections between Robert Menendez and young prostitutes from the Dominican Republic and other nationalities, some of which were minors at the time they had sexual relations with the senator.



A thorough analysis on Senator Menendez’s record of travels to the Dominican Republic and the dates of his continuous visits has allowed proving the existence of several non-reported or not-duly authorized trips made by the Senator on several years using a CL-600 Challenger private jet, property of the ophthalmologist Salomon Melgen, Hispanic main contributor to Menendez and the Democratic Party.


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